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Privacy Statement

Your personal data

The Society holds personal data about you as a Member of the Society. This data is your full name, and home address, and other contact details comprising your telephone number (landline and mobile if offered and your email address (if offered). ('Data')

Why we keep your Data

The Society keeps your Data to enable contact to be maintained with you as a Member of the Society. Your Data is used to reconcile the subscriptions paid to the names of Members to ensure we have recorded your subscription correctly.
How w e use your Data
The Society usesyour Data to tell you about events held by the Society. These events
include the regular monthly talks programme. In addition, we will use the Data to tell you about other visits and events organised by the Society. The Society will also advise you of
specific events of local interest. When sending e-mails to you we will use the 'blind copy BCC facility so that no other recipient of these e-mails can identify your e-mail address (nor
you theirs).
Sharing your Data
Your Data is shared by the Chairman, Treasurer, and Members' Secretary of the Society. The Members' Secretary is the Society's Data Controller and o u r Data is held on a computer owned personally the Members' Secretary and subject to security protection. Aback-up copy is retained on the Treasurer's laptop, and also subject to security protection. The Outings' Organiser will haveyour Data if you book onto an outing or event with the Society.
Your Data wil not be shared with any other person or organisation outside the Society.
If a need arises for your Data to beshared with anotherparty (such asanother member) your consent will first be sought for this sharing.
The Data ofthose members who are on the Committee will be shared with other Committee Members.
How long we will keep your Data
Your Data will be retained while vou remain a Member of the Society. If you decide to let your membership lapse the Society will retain your Data for one e a r following your lapse of membership. During that year you will be advised of events organised by the Society. You may contact the Members' Secretary if, following a lapse in your membership, you do not wish your Data to be retained for one year.

Your rights to access your Data
You have the right to access, and request a copy of, the Data about you held by the Society. You can receive confirmation of the Data held by contacting the Members'Secretary.
You have the right to request that the Society corrects your Data if it is found to be inaccurate or out of date.
You havet h e right to request that your Data is erased where it is no longer necessary fort h e Society to retain such Data.
You have the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of your Data at any time.
Changes t ot h e Privacy Statement
ThePrivacy Statement will be held ont h e Society's website and members will be advised of revisions to it.
For information and advice about this Privacy Statement please contact the Members' Secretary or the Chairman. You can find their contact details on your Membership Card or on the Society website


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