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9th September 2023

2023 Annual Show

Our Annual Show, held on the 9th of September, was well supported by members. A total of 153 exhibits were entered by 21 members, 87 entries in the Horticultural Section, 38 in the Fruit and Vegetable Section, and 28 in the Floral Art Section.


In the Horticultural Section, the esteemed Lallie and Andy Cox Rose Bowl was awarded to Sue Reeves, with Alison Giles clinching the runner-up position and the George Cope Cup. Paul Reeves emerged as the winner of the Fruit and Vegetable Section, taking home the Marjorie Irons Cup. Sue Reeves showcased her versatility, securing first place in the Floral Art Section and being honoured with The Tessa Web Cup. An outstanding vase of flowers, comprising five different varieties with one stem of each, earned Alison Giles the Jordan Vase for the Best in Show.

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