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8th June 2023

David Austin Rose Garden

Nestled within the serene expanses of the Shropshire countryside, this prestigious sanctuary is renowned as one of the world's premier rose gardens, boasting an award-winning landscape featuring the distinguished National Collection of English Roses. This remarkable garden holds the distinction of being one of only three in England to be graced with the 'Award of Garden Excellence' by the World Federation of Rose Societies.


Within its boundaries, you will find a collection of meticulously designed and cultivated spaces: The Lion Garden, The Long Garden, The Renaissance Garden, The Victorian Garden, The Patio Garden, and The Species Garden. Each of these gardens showcases the remarkable versatility and enduring beauty of English Roses. Visitors can anticipate a beautiful display of blooms from late May, unfolding in a succession of vibrant blossoms that grace the gardens until the arrival of the early winter frosts, painting an ever-changing show of colour and fragrance.

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