PROGRAMME FOR 2021/2022    
                      Meetings planned to be resumed on 16th September               
          September 16th 2021                 IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT THE FLOWERS by Paul Green 
          October 21st  2021                     AUTUMN INTO WINTER by Howard Drury 
          November 18th 2021                  'BRING A PLATE' SUPPER SOCIAL EVENING & AGM   
          December 16th 2021                   MISTLETOE MATTERS by Jonathan Briggs 
          January 20th 2022                       BEES!-SOLITARY, BUMBLE AND HONEYBEE LIFE CYCLES AND NEEDS by Jo Worthy-Jones
          February 17th 2022                     WINTER INTO SRING by Julie Ritchie
          March 17th 2022                          AN INTRODUCTION TO CACTI AND SUCCULENTS by Ian Thwaites
          April 21st 2022                            UNUSUAL CLIMBERS by Andy Pedrick
          May 5th 2022                               SPRING OUTING - To be confirmed
          May 19th 2022                             CLIMATE CHANGE AND GARDENERS by Howard Drury
          June 4th 2022                              ANNUAL SHOW - Crawford Hall
          June 16th 2022                           GUY'S CLIFFE WALLED GARDENS - ITS FALL AND RISE by Sarah Ridgeway
          June 23rd 2022                           EVENING OUTING - To be confirmed
          July 21st 2022                            SUMMER OUTING - To be confirmed 
          August 18th 2022                       A GARDEN FOR ALL SEASONS by Diane Clement  
          September 15th 2022                TO BE CONFIRMED
          October 20th 2022                     TOXIC WEEDS, POISONOUS PERENNIALS AND WICKED WEEDS by Dr Alison Foster
          November 17th 2022                  'BRING A PLATE' SUPPER SOCIAL EVENING & AGM    
          December 15th 2022                   TO BE CONFIRMED