December 15th 2022                  VINTAGE GARDEN TOOLS by John and Carole Matthews 
          January 19th 2023                     COMPOSTING - HOW AND WHY IT BENEFITS YOUR GARDEN by Jo Worthy-Jones
          February 16th 2023                    BENEFICIAL CREATURES IN THE GARDEN by Roger Umpelby
          March 1st 2023                           INTER-CLUB HORTICULTURAL QUIZ - King George's Hall, Mickleton
          March 16th 2023                         PONDS, MARGINALS AND BOG GARDENS by Duncan Coombes 
          April 20th 2023                           SPRING OUTING - Westonbury Mill Water Gardens, Leominster and 
                                                                                                Brobury House, Herefordshire
          May 18th 2023                            THE WONDER OF TREES by Mary Fenton
          June 8th 2023                             SUMMER OUTING - David Austin Rose Gardens and Webbs of Wychbold
          July 20th 2023                            MEDICINAL HERBS IN YOUR GARDEN by Caroline Sheldrick
          July 27th 2023                            EVENING OUTING - TBA
          August 17th 2023                       HOSTAS AND COMPANION PLANTING by Robin Pearce
          September 9th 2023                   ANNUAL SHOW - Crawford Hall, Public viewing form 2.00pm
          September 21st 2023                 SELF SUFFICIENCY IN 2023 by Sam and Kate Davies
          October 19th 2023                      MISTLETOE - FACT, MYTH AND LEGEND by Michael Jones 
          November 16th 2023                 'BRING A PLATE' SUPPER SOCIAL EVENING & AGM
          December 21st 2023                   A GARDEN IN FOUR SEASONS by Paul Reeves